Personal Development

Moodmaster: Are you … Depressed … Anxious … Irritable … Angry ? Do you have trouble sleeping, have difficulty concentrating, problems in controlling your emotions, or is life just losing its sparkle? MoodMaster can help!

What is MoodMaster exactly?
We are proud to provide weekly MoodMaster sessions lasting an hour or so, in which you can hear really good information about emotional and physical health. MoodMaster uses a CBT approach

If you think of MoodMaster being to emotional health what Weight Watchers is to weight control, you won’t be far wrong.

Healthy Eating Agored Qualification: Learn how to cook healthy meals at home too, try our Healthy Eating course – discuss food groups and your current diet, Sara can suggest simple ways that you can improve your nutrition too.

Healthy menu planning – now you know more about the food groups, plan ways to get the right amount of each into every meal.
Finally learn to cook 3 tasty healthy recipes that won’t cost the earth and are simple to prepare too, they’ll be a staple in your new and improved healthier lifestyle.

Maths and English Agored Qualification: If you’re looking to improve your Maths and English abilities then we’re lucky enough to host Learning Pembrokeshire every Tuesday, this is a chance to brush up on old skills and learn new ones while completing interesting work in a supportive setting. #archiveModalDialog

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