Our Trustees are a small group of Volunteers who oversee what Mind Pembrokeshire does, how we do it, how much it costs and how we could do it even better!

We assess Trustees skills to make sure that our Board has a good mix.

Personal Profiles are circulated within the Resource Centre before each Annual General Meeting (AGM) – these are written by individual Trustees and are a chance for them to showcase their skills. Members can then vote in Trustees based on their skills and experience. These votes are then finalised at the AGM and our Board is chosen for the next year, following this we always have a party to celebrate! Hopefully see you there!

Thank you to all of our Trustees for your commitment and hard work over the last 12 months!
On the first Wednesday of every month, we hold a Resource Centre Meeting (after lunch at approximately 2:00pm) which is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and feelings on Mind Pembrokeshire. The minutes of these meetings are given to all Trustees before their meeting, this way Trustees have your valuable feedback which they can use to inform their decisions.








Mind Pembrokeshire is committed to providing Quality Services and works within the Mind Quality Mark, which is endorsed by the Charity Commission. Charity No:1157041 Company No: 08521406